Cancer Support Association is the pioneer in Western Australia of the wellness approach to cancer care

When people are first diagnosed with cancer they are often shocked, scared and feel they are no longer in control of their lives, decisions are being made for them about treatment, and quite suddenly life has changed from the known and familiar to a regime of medical appointments, therapy and medications - with the added stress of an unknown outcome.

If you are in this situation, you may not realise there are things you can do in your everyday life to regain control, improve your outcome from cancer, find new meaning in life, and be happy and peaceful.

Since 1984, the Cancer Support WA has helped and supported many thousands of people with cancer achieve wellness and healing. We encourage an integrative, lifestyle approach to cancer and support people through every stage of the cancer journey - from diagnosis to recovery.

Cancer Support WA's programs include: cancer wellness courses and seminars; support groups; counselling; complementary therapies; and nutrition, meditation and yoga courses from our heritage building in Cottesloe. Programs are also held in Armadale, Mandurah and regional WA.

The Cancer Support WA website is an immediate resource for people with cancer. We also publish the inspiring Wellness News magazine and resources such as the Handbook for People Diagnosed with Cancer, the current Moss Reports and distribute Cancer Care Packs to people newly diagnosed.

It is our hope that you and your family achieve wellness and healing. We are here to help in anyway we can. Scroll down the page to find out more about Cancer Support WA.

What we do

Wellness Programs

  • 1 Day Cancer Wellness Workshop
  • 5 week Cancer Wellness Course
  • Absolute Beginners Healing Yoga
  • Introduction to Meditation Course
  • Eating for Cancer Recovery Course

Support Services

  • Cancer Wellness Support Groups
  • Counselling & Mentoring
  • Complementary Therapies
  • Carer's Support Group
  • Cancer Support Phone Line


  • Library & Resource Centre
  • Cancer Wellness Handbook
  • Information Packs & Care Packs
  • The Moss Reports
  • Wellness News magazine

Getting involved


  • Raffles (buy tickets & check winner)
  • Donate Instantly Online
  • Community Events
  • Corporate Giving
  • Leave a Gift in Your Will


  • CSA Volunteer Program
  • Become a CSA Volunteer
  • CSA Executive Committee
  • Cancer Wellness Ambassadors


  • Wellness Week
  • Healthy for Life Starts Now
  • Guest Speaker Program
  • Workplace Wellness Programs
  • Cancer Advocacy